Questo parabrezza è alto 440 mm e largo 400 mm. In tal...

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Detergente Shield Wash per parabrezza della National Cycle

Il nostro kit di pulizia comprende una bottiglietta di...

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Repellente Pioggia RainZip della National Cycle

Disponibile in dimensioni di 90ml con panno applicatore...

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Parabrezza V-Stream

Il parabrezza V-Stream crea nuovi standard quanto a...

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Of course, the accessories section also includes outstanding windshields for the S1000XR (2020- ). At the moment we offer the Vario-Touringscreen for the S1000XR, which was made especially for the BMW touring riders among you. With its length of 440mm, the windscreen directs the wind pressure over the rider and thus ensures a comfortable ride, even over long distances. The V-Stream windscreen is characterized by its unique shape, the V-shape. The windpipe has thus been optimized. In addition, there is a thickness of fabulous 6mm. So the wind is not only deflected over the rider, but vibrations are also reduced to a minimum. To keep your windshields looking good for a long time, we recommend the National Cycle Windshield Cleaner and the National Cycle RainZip water deflector.