Luci LED aggiuntive

Queste luci LED aggiuntive vanno benissimo per tutte le...

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Indicatori direzione LED per la carenatura

Basta semplicemente incollare questi indicatori di...

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Luci alogene aggiuntive

Queste luci alogene aggiuntive vanno benissimo per tutte...

Prezzo € 168,00
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Spina per riparazioni per indicatori / illuminazione targa

Spina per riparazioni per indicatori / illuminazione...

Prezzo € 24,95
incl. IVA più spedizione

In addition to the LED fairing turn signals for the S1000XR, we also offer additional LED or halogen headlights. These can be easily attached to a crash bar or a tube with a diameter of 21-25mm. Thus, you will not only see better at night, but also be seen better. In addition, we also have a repair plug for turn signals or for the license plate light in our range. You need this plug if the original plug should be kept unchanged. It has a length of about 35 cm.